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Suplub-W Intelligent centralized lubrication systems

  • Suplub-W CLS
  • Suplub-W CLS
  • Suplub-W CLS
Suplub-W CLSSuplub-W CLSSuplub-W CLS

Suplub-W CLS

  • Nominal flow rate: 2-5mL/min
  • Output pressure: 35Mpa
  • Capacity: 4/8/10/15/20L
  • Height: 428/523/596/716/848mm
  • Product description: Suplub-W wind power centralized lubrication system provides two solutions including integrated single-line centralized lubrication system and progressive centralized lubrication system.

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ALP120 series high-pressure lube pump, honored with patent technologies, is applicable to different equipments. In terms of structure, it can be divided into 3 categories, stir bar, spring piston and air pressure type.


  1. With an self-designed air pressure oil tank, the lubrication system can pump NLGI-3# lithium grease with good lubrication in the whole year.
  2. Innovative smart temperature control sensor makes sure the system is applicable to high-cold area.
  3. Wetting-proof patent technology makes sure that the equipment works well in low-lying and waterlogged areas.
  4. New-type pump structure guarantee the lube to follow "FIFO" rule, effectively avoiding the deposition and deterioration of lube.
  5. The baroswitch of the air pressure oil tank makes it more convenient to refill lube.

According to the equipment condition of wind power plant, determining the required lube points, and amount of grease. Design reliable lubrication solution to viable propeller bearings, variable propeller gears, yaw bearings, yaw gears, main shaft bearings and motor bearings.

Technical parameters

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