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Integrated single-line lubrication systems

  • ALP80


  • Nominal flow rate: 2-5mL/min
  • Output pressure: 35Mpa
  • Capacity: 1/2L
  • Height: 328/378mm
  • Product description: Break through the application problem in frigid region /Temperature range -50℃~80℃/Patented technology of auxiliary unloading valve/Water-proof patented technology/New style reservoir, grease FIFO

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ALP 80 Series of centralized lubrication system is a new generation system, which is developed through long-term marketing research and technological innovation, and possessed several invention patents.


  1. Pump high viscous grease NLGI #1, # and #3
  2. Pump high pressure to reach 35Mpa
  3. Initiated intellectual temperature-control sensor to solve the application problems in frigid region
  4. Perennially pump NLGI-#1 extreme pressure lithium grease and solve the application problems in frigid region
  5. Use auxiliary unloading valve to effectively solve the technical bottleneck for the problem of long oil-way unload
  6. The wetting proof technology to guarantee the proper working in low-lying and waterlogged areas
  7. New design of the pumping station allows the grease in and out the tank first, effectively solving the grease deterioration caused by long-term accumulation
  8. Pressure reservoir equips with air pressure commutation switch to be easier for oil injection

Working principle

ALP81 pump installs the stirring stem, when the motor runs, the stirring stem drives the grease to move down under the function of gravity, and feed the grease to oil suction inlet of piston pump through scraper

ALP82 pump installs spring piston, the platen feed the grease to oil suction inlet of piston pump under the function of spring

ALP83 pump installs air pressure piston, the air circuit assembly connect the gas cylinder to provide the gas for air chamber, the piston feed the grease to oil suction inlet of piston pump under the function of air pressure.

Technical parameters

Note Please use reasonably the same grade of low-temperature grease in cold region in winter.


The capacity of ALP series of lubrication pump is 1L, and 2L, it suits for the industry with fewer lube point, fewer grease volume and longer lubrication interval, such as commercial vehicle, wind power, engineering machinery, port, metallurgy, food machinery, paper machinery and printing industry.

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