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Single-row single-line lubrication systems

  • ALP50


  • Nominal flow rate: 55mL/min
  • Output pressure: 4-6.3Mpa
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Height: 290mm
  • Product description: Water-proof patented technology/Intellectual temperature-control patented technology/No grease precipitation & deterioration/Refuel convenience and safety, 360°adjustable/Working temperature -20℃~80℃

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ALP 50 series of lubrication pump integrates 19 patents to be successfully developed, adopts intellectual temperature-control and wetting-proof technology to completely solve the problems of grease precipitation & deterioration and central lubrication in rigid region, and also satisfy the marketing demand of low chassis public transportation. ALP 50 series use innovative technology to provide fully value promotion solution to our clients.


  1. Compact structure, suit for all commercial vehicle, especially for low chassis vehicle
  2. Wetting-proof patented technology, effectively avoid the external sewage accessing the reservoir, and then polluting the lubrication grease.
  3. Standard oil inlet, 360°adjustable to be conveniently fill the grease.
  4. New structure of relief valve to make safer for refueling operation.
  5. Adopts piston pressure reservoir to completely pump the grease, totally solve the difficult problems of grease precipitation & deterioration.
  6. Conveniently & effectively dismantle the pump station, and without leakage and pollution.
  7. Intellectual temperature-control technology to ensure the proper operation under the alpine condition.

Working principle

The system controls the gear pump to do periodic running through the ECU LCD monitor. When the system works, the motor drives the gear pump to conduct grease suction and discharge. After entering the main oil line, the high-pressure grease is supplied to each lubrication point through pressurized distributor. The system releases pressure after completing its run.

Technical parameters

Note Please use reasonably the same grade of low-temperature grease in cold region in winter.


The series pumps are suitable for commercial vehicle, lathe, printing, packaging and agriculture machinery, especially for low chassis vehicle.

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