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Multi-point automatic lubricators

  • ALP30


  • Number of plungers: 30
  • Output pressure: 12MPa
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Height: 290mm
  • Product description: The grease lines in the system are relatively independent each other.

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The ALP30 multi-line system is a simple and efficient centralized lubrication systems has no grease distributor.

Working principle

In the system, the ECU LCD-based monitor controls the grease pump to operate cyclically. When the system is running, the motor drives the gear pump to suck and discharge the grease. After the high-pressure grease enters into the supply line, it is delivered to the lube points via the single-line distributor. Upon completion of operation, the system is unloaded.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Note Please use reasonably the same grade of low-temperature grease in cold region in winter.

It applies to mechanical equipment for machinery, metallurgy, harbor, wharf, ship, crane, woodworking, food, construction project, etc.

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