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Block style progressive lubrication systems

  • ALP100


  • Nominal flow rate: 2-5mL/min
  • Output pressure: 35Mpa
  • Capacity: 2/4/6/8L
  • Height: 335/485/585/685mm
  • Product description: Applicable to high-cold area/Working temperature: -50℃~80℃/Auxiliary unloading valve patent technology/Water-proof patent technology/New-type oil tank guarantees that the lube flows by "FIFO" rule

Related pump
ALP100 series lubrication pump is a closed system, consisting of DC motor, piston pump, reciprocating air pump, relief valve, transparent oil tank, etc. There are ALP100 (basic type), ALP102(high strength type) and ALP103 (high-cold area pump). During installation, the pump is fixed in a relatively closed protection box to avoid collision.


  1. High strength pump can pump highly viscous lube.
  2. High adaptability to operating limit and temperature range.
  3. In severely cold areas, a temperature control sensor will be installed to guarantee the good operation of centralized lubrication system in high-cold regions.
  4. Two fuel feeding valves are installed on the pump, which is convenient to refill the oil tank.
  5. Pump NLGI-1# lithium grease during the whole year, solving the application problem in high-cold areas.
  6. The auxiliary unloading valve patent technology effectively solves the unloading problem in long oil pipes.
  7. Wetting-proof patent technology makes sure that the equipment works well in low-lying and waterlogged areas.
  8. New-type pump structure guarantee the lube to follow "FIFO" rule, effectively avoiding the deposition and deterioration of lube.

Technical parameters

Note Please use reasonably the same grade of low-temperature grease in cold region in winter.


The capacities of AL100 series lubrication pumps include 2L, 4L, 6L, 8L. They can be applied to small and medium-sized equipment like commercial vehicle, wind turbine, construction machinery, port machines, metallurgy, food machinery, paper making and printing, which have a large number of lube points, large quantity of lube and short lubrication cycle.

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