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Dual-line lubrication systems

  • ADP1224


  • Nominal flow rate: 12mL/min
  • Output pressure: 30Mpa
  • Voltage: 24V DC/220V AC
  • Product description: Built-in relief valve and a mechanical reversing valve, which not only makes the lubrication pump look simple and beautiful, but also solves the problem of the overflow valve sealing.

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ADP1224 dual-line lubrication pump is based on the lubrication part of the lubrication equipment, and quantitatively supplies the lubrication parts of the equipment. Timing, quantitative lubrication of lubrication parts can reduce frictional resistance, reduce contact wear, reduce friction surfaces, and also play a role in rust prevention, shock absorption and sealing, suitable for wind power generation, construction machinery and Heavy machinery and other industries.

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