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[Good News] Congratulations to our testing center for passing the CNAS

In October 2018 , our testing center submitted the “Laboratory Accreditation” application and relevant accreditation materials through the CNAS official website laboratory / inspection organization accreditation business system in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment ( CNAS ) . CNAS accepted the normative review of the application for accreditation.

March 1, 2019 --3, China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) appointed review group, according to the CANS-CL01 "Testing and Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Standards" and other relevant documents approved rules at the request of our detection On-site review was conducted on the operation and records of the central management system, equipment, environmental conditions, and staffing. The assessment team confirmed the technical capabilities of the testing center through on-site questions, on-site testimony, visits, verification of equipment, verification of original reports, system documents and operational records.

After the review, the experts of the review team fully affirmed the overall work of our testing center, and made professional guidance and suggestions on the problems found during the review process. Finally, the results of this review were announced: the expert group unanimously agreed that the quality management system of Zhengzhou Autotech Testing Center is running well, the inspection and testing technology activities are effective, and it is recommended to pass the CNAS on-site review.

CNAS recognizes the important indicators of the testing laboratory, and even the important international indicators, what important and extraordinary significance can CNAS recognize for Ott ?

First, improve the quality management level of the testing center, reduce the possible quality risks, balance the interests between the testing center and the customers, improve the society's awareness and trust in the Otto testing center, and finally reach the law, government and market. of mutual recognition, to achieve bilateral and multilateral mutual recognition of test data;

Second, how can companies promise their customers and the quality of each product to the society? This is the “ supplier self-declaration ” in the conformity assessment system . The “ supplier self-declaration system ” is the inevitable development of enterprises to a higher quality realm. In Europe, this system is universally adopted. The core of the enterprise is to establish and implement self-management of the quality of the production process according to laws, regulations and customer requirements. A system of self-control, self-evaluation and self-monitoring to achieve a true commitment to the quality of production and sales.

Third, eliminate technical barriers in international trade, and mutual recognition of test results, in line with international standards. Following the December 3, 1999 our laboratory accreditation system has signed a mutual recognition agreement with key members of the Asia Pacific Laboratory Cooperation (APLAC) in the 12 authorized institutions, in November 2000, our laboratory accreditation system and with the European The accreditation cooperation organization EA and the laboratory accreditation body in South Africa and Brazil have signed a mutual recognition agreement. So far, China has reached mutual recognition agreements with laboratory accreditation bodies in 37 countries and economic and trade regions in 27 countries and regions . The inspection / calibration data issued by accredited laboratories and accredited laboratories in China has begun to be recognized by the international community.

The so-called " quality without borders " . Our testing center successfully passed the CNAS on-site review, which means that the Auto Quality Certification has taken a big step towards the internationalization requirements and realized the international standard of the inspection / calibration quality system. In the future, the testing center will take this CNAS review as an opportunity to continue to strive to improve the quality of testing and testing and testing technology capabilities, from the customer's point of view, assist in research and development, service production, and make greater contributions to the company's development!

Photo with experts from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment



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