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Autol will attend 2019 Muchen Bauma Exhibition from 8th-14th April

bauma (own spelling with the addition “The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines. Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment”) is the world's most relevant trade fair for the construction machinery and mining machinery industries and—in terms of exhibition space—is the world's largest trade show. It is held every three years at Munich’s trade fair center and lasts for seven days.

Over the years it has become the most important converging points for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, entrepreneurs, executives, technologists and professionals in the industry.

For Autol, the Expo is not only a marketing channel to make ourselves known to more people. Even more significantly, it is a precious opportunity to learn and grow.

Over years’Expo. experiences, Autol team is growing more professional and confident.

bauma is the first of our whole year exhibition plan of 2019. We have applied major reforms to the management and drawn a new development blueprint in 2018.

Old friends, new friends, come to join the fantastic journey with us and witness a new Autol in 2019.



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