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2019 Zheng Kai Marathon-Autol running man

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March 31, 2019 Zhengkai International Marathon was held as scheduled in Zhengdong New District, led by Zhao Min Zhang, general manager of the company, more than 50 employees make up the group participated in the Autol run sporting event.
In the spring of March, the wind and the sun, let us run next to the "big corn"!
Customized version of the Autol number, the number is very familiar?
Due to the large number of contestants, when the Autol team passed the starting point, it had already started running for 20 minutes.
Autol the group, set off!
Suddenly found that there is a little Autol MAN in our team .
Run it! Turn the wind into flying wings and run freely!
Run hand in hand (walk), no one is allowed to fall behind.
Persistence is our attitude, regardless of the score, at the end of the confidence to come to take a group photo, to commemorate the victory of yourself.
Autol three super "running man" Challenge 21 km race the second half and won the medal victory, cheer for them!
The more you run, the more happy you are, the self-confidence through the marathon, the harvest of health and self-confidence, let us pass on this good, and believe that our future work and life will be better and better!



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