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About us

Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the innovative high-tech enterprises.

Autol is committed to the development of independent intellectual property rights with the core competitiveness of the Automatic Lubrication System products, which applied to Commercial Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Wind Power, Agricultural Machinery, Mining Machinery, Equipment Health Management and other end users, we also provide Customized lubrication solutions and technical services.

10 large test laboratories

Full-time R & D team of 85 people

More than 100 technical patents have been declared

In the operation of lubricating equipment up to 400,000 units




Phone: +8617737185352

Tel: +86-371-8625-8298

Email: sales@lube-systems.com

Add: No.96 Hehuan Rd, High-tech District, Zhengzhou, China

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